Privates / Yoga Therapy


IN PERSON, private (KC area):
$60/ 60 minutes
$80/ 90 minutes

Do you have a specific issue you would like to work on and want to progress at your own pace?

We will identify and restrictions you may have, assess your needs and set goals for your yoga practice so you can move into a place of balance and optimal health. Instructor will come to your home or place of work in Kansas City.

Individualized sessions are recommended if you are:

• Just starting yoga and want to know what classes to attend
• Want to know how to adapt your yoga practice according to health considerations you are working with
• Are developing a yoga practice at home and want routines suited to your needs and interests
• Want to deepen your practice by working on a particular posture/asana
• Have completed a cycle of physical therapy and want to further your progress
• Need specialized scheduling


*CANCELLATION POLICY requires you to give your instructor 24-hour notice•


Private yoga therapy:
$90 / 1-1/2 hours

Personal sessions in yoga therapeutics can help you address a wide range of ailments and health conditions, including but not limited to:
• Feet: plantar fasciatis, dropped arches, bunyans
• Ankles and Knees: knee/ankle pain, sprains, arthritis
• Hips and low back: sacro-iliac instability or pain, bulging discs, piriformis syndrome, arthritis
• Shoulders and neck: rotator cuff injury, tight jaw, neck pain and headaches
• Hands and wrists: carpal tunnel syndrome
• Spine: scoliosis, lordosis (deep inward curve) and kyphosis (deep outward curve)
• All stress related conditions

What to expect:

• The first session will consist of discussing your concerns and goals.  The therapist will evaluate your alignment and muscle tone and/or tension as you are guided through yoga postures specific to your goals/issues.

• After first session, your therapist will develop a thorough plan suited specifically to fit your needs with yogic recommendations.  These assessment recommendations will range from a yoga (postures) routine specifically suited for you, to pranayama  (breathing exercises), to dietary recommendations and will include Ayurvedic self care tips along with meditation and other relaxation techniques.


What is Yoga Therapy?

Many people wonder what the difference is between yoga and yoga therapy, and which one is right for them. Here are the highlights of what yoga therapy is, what its benefits are, and how yoga therapy differs from traditional yoga asana classes.

Basically, yoga therapy uses the ancient science of yoga to enhance health and wellness at all levels of the person: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Yoga therapy focuses on the path of yoga as a healing journey that brings balance to all aspects of life through an experiential awakening of our essential nature. Yoga therapy is useful both for people who seek relief for specific health challenges, as well as for people who want to enjoy good health, prevent disease, and slow the progression of aging.

Yoga therapy is based on a view of the individual as a wholeness. For true health to occur, all aspects of a person must be addressed as a whole.  Where allopathic medicine treats mainly the body, yoga therapy approaches healing and wellness by focusing not just on the body, but on all levels of the person: physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual.

How yoga therapy DIFFERS from regular yoga:

• Yoga therapy works with your goals. Each session is tailored to your needs, whether you want to gain relief from chronic pain, facilitate injury recovery, improve flexibility, reduce stress, improve well-being, get help with depression, or simply retain your youthful appearance and energy.

• Yoga therapy targets the practice to specific disease condition. Most disease conditions benefit from some yoga asanas or yoga breathing techniques and not others.  A yoga therapy program for back pain, for example, would be very different from a yoga therapy practice targeting depression.

• Yoga therapy adjusts the poses to your body’s needs. A yoga therapist shows you how to modify and adjust poses to your body’s specific needs, using props, modifications, and alignment assists. This ensures that you get the full benefits from each pose.

• Yoga therapy uses adjunct techniques to speed your progress. When called for, I will use some Thai Yoga Bodywork to assist you in your stretching.

• Yoga therapy deepens body awareness. Yoga therapy is offered in individual sessions, enabling the therapist to guide you in the fine subtleties of muscle relaxation, stretching, and strengthening. This increases body awareness and helps you make more rapid progress in reshaping your body.