“I took my feet for granted most of my life – they feet were always there to carry me wherever I wanted to go. Then, a couple of years ago I developed plantar fasciitis. Oh, the misery – pain with every step. No more walks with the dog or treks down the trail, let alone working without pain. I’ve tried everything: stretches, orthotics, physical therapy, sports therapy, expensive shoes – you name it. Some relieved the pain for awhile, but didn’t really seem to address the underlying cause. In December 2014, I began seeing Sandy for a month of weekly Thai foot reflexology sessions. At Christmas I walked Trillium Trail in Giant City State Park, and only afterwards realized I had done the entire trail and no pain!! A real change in my life. In January, I began twice weekly beginning yoga classes, they have stretched and strengthened my legs and feet, as well as all the rest of me. April begins the busy season at work, and my feet always get worse. Once the pain began to edge back into my feet, I started Thai foot reflexology sessions again, this time every two weeks, and it has made a real difference. I would encourage anyone who suffers from plantar fasciitis to talk to Sandy about how she might be able to help them.”
~Karen F., Carbondale

“I began taking yoga last fall with encouragement from my daughter who had been taking from Sandy for quite a while. I expected to enjoy the classes and have not been disappointed, but what I didn’t expect are the measurable results! I have osteoporosis and at my last bone scan I had not only gained in bone mass but also measured nearly one half inch taller (they even measured twice)! I know these classes have contributed to the improvement in my health, and plan on continuing with Sandy.”
~Chris, Carbondale

“I have suffered with major neck issues for several decades. After doing regular and deep tissue massage for over 20 years, I decided to give Sandy’s Thai Massage with the hot Thai herbal compresses at try. In just one session there was a noticeable improvement in my neck. After the third treatment I went to my chiropractor for an adjustment and he could not believe how loose my neck was. Whenever I would get an adjustment before the Thai massage, my neck would hardly move, like it was fussed together. Not anymore. I still have some pain once in a while, but I can do my deep stretch exercises and the back of my head does not feel like it is being smashed into my spine. I have been getting a 90 minute Thai massage with the Thai herbal compresses (which cost extra) once a month. The Thai massage is wonderful all by itself, but in combination with the herbal compresses has made my day to day life so much better. They are worth every penny and I will gladly continue with these treatment. I also have started to do Sandy’s “Gentle Yoga” class. I have tried different yoga classes over the years. I have never clicked with an instructor like I have with Sandy. This class is a special time for me to slow down and breath. My body and mind are in much better shape. I love this class’
~Karen L., Carbondale

“I had tried all kinds of exercise and always felt like something was lacking. When I started yoga last year I had hoped for a feeling of “well being” and perhaps to firm up some flabby parts of my 54 year old body. I feared that my chronic lower back pain and an injury that caused my shoulder to dislocate several times a year would inhibit my workout. I was pleasantly surprised that I could easily practice at my own ability level. I also noticed that I was gaining strength in my back and shoulder area. I can happily report that I haven’t had a shoulder dislocation since I started yoga practice 1 1/2 years ago and have much less lower back pain. I have had a much easier time losing and maintaining weight as well. Some of the yoga positions are still awkward for me, but Sandy is very good at making sure everyone is in correct alignment in order to minimize the potential for injury. As a certified Yoga Therapist, Sandy is able to give me specific therapeutic positions for my aliments and I have seen tremendous benefits. I look forward to yoga class every week and when I can make it twice a week, I consider that a bonus!”
~Karen, Murphysboro

“Wow!  I feel so much better this morning I cannot believe it!  I told you my lower back was hurting.  It was from traveling in the car and sitting in meetings and my muscles were so tight.  I cannot believe how loose my back and neck are this morning from holding those poses (in Restorative Yoga).  I will definitely have to do that class again!  Thanks!”
~Michelle S., Alto Pass

“I experienced my first Thai Yoga Bodywork session December 2014.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but it was a very different experience from the more usual “naked and oily” kind of massage.  This one was on the floor on a comfortable mat wearing comfy and non-binding clothes and then trusting in Sandy’s maneuvering my body around.  Stretched, massaged, relaxed and with the addition of hot compresses with essential oil I came home completely relaxed and pain free.  After weeks of shoulder and collar bone pain it was wonderful to have such relief.   I slept like a rock and felt differently wonderful for at least a week thereafter.  I went again in a month.  I had been having trouble with my right arm falling asleep at odd times and waking me up at night.  Sandy thought/felt there might be a pinched nerve.  An acupuncture treatment at Heartland Acupuncture (according to google a highly recommended alternative therapy for pinched neck nerves) and again after the Thai bodywork deep relaxation, peacefulness and good sleep.  I was hooked.  Then my usual winter allergy symptoms kicked in and when I arrived for my session in March I didn’t have the high expectation of getting sinus pressure relief.  I had been sneezing almost 16 hours  straight but when I laid down the sneezing stopped and for the 1.5 hour session I didn’t need to blow my nose!  And, I slept through the night in my own bed, rather than propped on the sofa, for the first time in at least a week.  This is the most interesting therapy.  And, for me, it works better than anything I’ve ever experienced to create deep relaxation and peace.  It is wonderful to have so many wonderful services available in Carbondale!”
~Lorie A., Carbondale

“I enrolled in the therapeutic yoga class a few weeks ago and after every session I feel more confident about my body’s ability to heal itself.  I have no illusion that this 76 year old body can be young again, and am hopeful I can decrease my pain and increase my flexibility.  I have suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain caused by some trauma and arthritis, as well as also low back pain due to degenerative joint problems.  In the short time I have been in class I have become more conscious of proper alignment and how important proper breathing is. Sandy is an excellent teacher and gives 100% in each class.”
~Pat Keenan, Carbondale

“In my late fifties, I have an arthritic perfect storm—rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia.  You wouldn’t know it by just looking at me, but I can’t move easily and I can’t move without pain.  Curious about Sandy’s Gentle Yoga class, designed for people with arthritic conditions, I began taking it this past summer.  The pace is slow yet the time goes by quickly.  Yoga props such as bolsters, blankets, blocks, and straps are used to help body parts move into proper position, to support joints that can’t support themselves, and to help maintain proper alignment.  Yes, it is possible to do a Plank, or Downward Dog, or Salutation to the Sun, when it takes all my energy just to walk from the car to the studio’s front door.  Floor work is not easy for me.  Yet there is time to move from posture to posture.  And Sandy presents options and alternatives that allow me to participate fully in the class.  I’ve not had to sit out even a single posture.  Here I am, doing mat work!  On the floor!  Sandy’s working on helping me build muscular strength to support the parts that can no longer support themselves.  Her knowledge of the musculo-skeletal system and how body structures connect is profound.  And she understands how to communicate to her practitioners the best way to move from posture to posture.  I’m at the six-month mark of practicing yoga with Sandy.  The changes in my body’s “mechanics” have been positive ones.  I can move more freely, I’m somewhat stronger, (yes, I’ve lost a few pounds!), and best of all, I’m taking fewer pain meds.  The joys of yoga are subtle, quiet.  Two weeks ago I was able to sit cross-legged for the first time easily and without pain.  Last week, I achieved a respectable Plank.  This week, I’m more comfortable driving my car—even looking over my shoulder, right and left.  Small achievements for some folk, big achievements for me.”
~Susan W, Carbondale

“After the holidays I signed up for my first restorative yoga class.  All I can say is amazing!!! Restorative yoga to me can be compared to a relaxing massage!! I felt so refreshed!! I highly recommend trying this class. I do not think you will be disappointed!!!”
~Rachael Jackson, Carbondale

“In September of 2013 I was diagnosed with “frozen shoulder” (an excruciating condition brought upon by menopause also known as “adhesive capsulitis”) and prescribed physical therapy by my doctor. After doing a little research, I decided physical therapy would not be the way I wanted to go, so I investigated some other avenues.  I would give yoga a try, even though I knew I did not have full mobility of my shoulder and wondered if I would be able to make it through a class.  I started attending yoga classes at the Yellow Lotus studio in Murphysboro in October 2013.  After just one class, I was hooked! I could tell this was the answer to getting the youthful mobility back into my shoulder joint.  Sandy is a great, caring teacher who made sure I was comfortable and able to do the poses to the best of my ability.  Within just a couple of months my shoulder became almost fully mobile and pain-free…I am still working on getting the last 10% or so of range back, but I am working hard at it and between classes and home practice, I feel certain it won’t be long. (this is a condition that normally takes 18 months or more before becoming pain-free and I have done it within a couple of months with yoga practice!) Also, my stamina has increased tremendously! I am 53 years old, a former aerobics instructor, and a lifelong health nut (usually walking or using the treadmill for cardiovascular work). But I am here to say that I have not had the extra endurance to do things I love (working outside with my horses, etc.) until I discovered yoga. It’s like I have an extra lung now! I don’t get out-of-breath on walks and I can do so much more and still feel great. So thank you, yoga, and thank you, Sandy!”
~Sheree T., Murphysboro

“When I was fourteen years old, I was informed that I had scoliosis which has caused me much back pain through my teenage years.  For the past few years, I have struggled with activities such as running, sitting and standing for long periods of time, as well as, problems sleeping at night. While in high school, I was unable to continue with pom-poms due to my back pain.  At the age of seventeen, I began to see a chiropractor once a week to help ease my back pain which would only give me temporary relief.  Finally, at age nineteen, I decided to search for an alternative therapy for my back pain which led me to Yoga.  I began my yoga practice five months ago at Yellow Lotus Yoga and it has changed my life significantly.  Practicing physical postures has helped me to develop structural integrity and a more normal, symmetrical alignment.  The breathing techniques have helped me with relaxation.  Yoga has, and continues to have, a very positive impact on my life by improving my posture, strength, and has decreased my pain a lot.  Yoga is very empowering and I love it!”
~Phoebe Smith, Tamaroa

“I recently became aware of a lower back injury and coincidentally had already signed up for Sandy’s therapeutic yoga class. After just four practices, I can definitely feel an improvement in my back. This therapeutic practice has also made me so much more aware of body structure and mechanics which affect every part of the body. Sandy’s teaching style is so wonderful. She clearly demonstrates and explains each pose while providing a very calming presence during each practice. I plan to continue this practice with Sandy, knowing she will provide a safe, informative practice which, hopefully, will become a proactive vs healing practice for me in the future.”
~ Jackie M, Carbondale